Lent 2012

I need your help. This year Cory & I are giving up fried foods for Lent. And while it will be a challenge to stay away from french fries, that’s not why I need your help.

I’ve also decided to give up gossip for Lent. It’s something that has been on my heart & a nasty habit to begin with. Nasty, but ingrained into my being. And the being of  many, many other people. Come on, be honest.

Don’t get me wrong, I can keep secrets. And I treasure my friendships. Gossiping is just an easy way for women to connect and that has been a huge part of certain past friendships of mine (past for a reason, mind you).

I want to be better. A better Christian. A better friend. A better human being. I want to be able to share information, but make sure that I’m doing it the honorable way. And I know this won’t be easy, but it’s worth a good, concentrated 40 day shot. If I can ban all gossip from my life for 40 days, hopefully I will see gossip in a new light & be able to avoid it more often.

So I need help in defining what gossip truly is. Dictionary.com’s definition is, “idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others” & it gives the example of, “the endless gossip about Hollywood stars.”

No celebrity gossip?? But I LOVE celeb gossip. It doesn’t feel like you are hurting anyone or damaging their reputation because celebrities are public figures & people that we have never met. Is this a big, fat excuse?

Merriam-Webster defines gossip as this, “to talk about the personal lives of other people.” Come on. I mean, what am I suppose to do if someone asks me how a friend or family member of mine is doing? Life happens & we are all going to discuss it…

I’m lost.

Off of the top of my head, these are the things that I believe & don’t believe about gossip:

It is NOT gossip if your intentions are pure & not malicious. Pretty simple.

It IS gossip if you are envious of or uncomfortable w/the person you want to say something negative about (& you really need to dig deep & be honest w/yourself on this one) or if you are speculating about something or someone & your speculation could be potentially damaging to their reputation.

Also, does it count if you’re talking to your husband or best friend??

This is a start, but I need your help coming up w/some rules. I want to be as clear as I can about the goal that I am working towards. 

And I think it goes without saying that a Gossip Girl Marathon should probably not happen throughout the next 40 days. (Note to Alex: Let’s get it on the schedule for after my birthday.)
Please leave your comments below, on my Facebook post, in reply to my Twitter post or direct message me. And thank you in advance for helping me give up gossiping for Lent!

2 thoughts on “Lent 2012

  1. I love this post! Gossipping is something we are all guilty of at one point or another and an area that we could all work on. There are extreme forms of gossip, TMZ, and then there is the gossip that you dont even know if it can be considered “gossip”. When I talk about things going on in my family, and express my true emotions, if they are negative feelings, does this mean I am gossiping? There is a fine line and working hard these next 40 days not to cross that line will be not only a challenge but a huge step towards developing into the woman you want to be. I am proud of you!

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement! You are one fabluous BF & I'm lucky to have you. : ) I do not think that venting about your family is gossip, as long as we keep it productive. You have to get your feelings out to someone.

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