Moving Forward: 2012

New Year’s Resolutions. You either love them or hate them. I happen to love them. Too much. In fact, I look forward to making multiple NYRs every year. About the time October sets in I start thinking about what I was to put on my list for the upcoming year. You can see how this kind of thinking is flawed.
Here’s what normally happens: I have my list of NYRs & limit myself to one resolution per category in my life (for example, one phyiscal NYR & one social NYR & one professional NYR…). I finalize my list & get excited about it in the weeks leading up to New Years Eve. When the clock strikes midnight I make my vow to change my life in the new year and….then about two-three weeks into it I get overwhelmed because I’ve made too many resolutions & it’s too hard to keep track of them all.
So this year, I’ve taken a different approach. I was at a marketing conference in Chicago this summer when I heard a motivational speaker talk about a family tradition he had created. Instead of NYRs, they each picked a word of the year and vowed to live out that word as best they could, applying it to all the situations they faced that year. So for instance, if the word he picked for the year was “love”, he would do everything in the spirit of love, if his son picked the word “focus”, he committed to being more focused on whatever task was at hand.
So my word for 2012 is…(drumroll) – Balance. In 2011 I found it hard to balance my work & home life, friends & family, health & relaxation, among other things. This year I’ve made a vow to not over-commit, to eat a more balanced diet, to create balance in all areas of my life. I really don’t have a solid plan of how to do this, I just plan to keep the word “balance” in mind when making all of my decisions.
So far I feel that I’ve done a decent job of implimenting this. January & the beginning of Febrauary has been an insane time for us: Hawaii, Briggs, Coco, three weeks straight of work travels. So in response to the crazyness I:
– Turned down several invitations to events, groups & outings
– Spent quality time with the people I value most in my life as opposed to trying to cram in a little bit of time w/every friend I have
– Spent some nights just relaxing with my husband as well as going out on a couple of dates together 
– Got back to my steady workout routine (which means getting to work at 8:30 instead of 7:30 or 8, but also staying later or factoring my events & travel into consideration)
My sister & I hanging out with our neice, Madalynn at Family Game Night last weekend.
Balance is key for me this year. So far, so good.
PS – I must admit that I do have ONE, just ONE NYR for 2012. That is to write more. So far, so good!

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