Our Sweet Little Coco

Many of you don’t know the story behind how Coco became a part of our family. Cory & I are both dog lovers; he prefers big dogs & I prefer small dogs. I gave Cory our lab, Natty as a birthday present in 2007 and he promised that after we got married I could get a small dog of my own. He had one stipulation – no chihuahuas
So one week after we returned from our honeymoon I went online to the Kansas Humane Society’s website to browse puppies. There were several little & medium size dogs…and then there was Coco. I fell in love. : )
So I called to confirm that she was still there & made an appointment to go see her the very next day.
We walked up to the front desk & I told the receptionist that I was there to see Coco, thinking that they would just take us back to the room to meet her & Cory would overlook that she was, in fact, a chihuahua because he would fall in love with her too. Instead the receptionist said, “Oh Coco, the chihuahua?” Hahaha – the look on Cory’s face. But I was right about one thing, after we met her, he fell in love too.
And so, Miss Coco has been in our hearts ever since August 2010.
Here we are the day we brought her home. Instantly, I was her mama.
We went on walks.
We went fishing.
We went on roadtrips.
We both loved shopping for new clothes. Here – a scarf for me & a coat (her first!) for Coco.
Coco loved to cuddle in bed.
She loved to cuddle on the couch.

She loved to lay in the sun.
She loved to nap w/me on the couch on Sundays.
Sadly, last night we had to make the difficult decision to put Coco down. Although I had called three times since we left her at 12:45 yesterday and got positive news each time, she stopped breathing & her heart stopped beating. The vet called Cory at work & Cory called me & told me that we had a decision to make once he got home, after 11 p.m. He told me that if Coco had any chance of surviving, she would need another surgery.
Coco’s poor little body had been through so much trama in the past two days, she couldn’t handle another surgery. We knew this. The vet didn’t think her chances were good at survival either & if she did survive the surery, she would need long term care. She would never go back to the quality of life that she had before. So my brave, strong husband made that horrible call around 11:15 last night.
Today was a hard day. I didn’t want to be at work, but it actually helped to have my mind focus on something new.
It just seems surreal. You watch friends & family lose pets & empathize, but you really don’t fully understand the pain, until it happens to you. The worst part was coming home because Coco normally greets me at the door, so happy to see me. I can’t believe that I’ll never see her or get ot cuddle with her again.
I know it will get better, and I know that there are much worse things happening in the world. Today will be the hardest day, but one day we will think back about Coco with nothing but smiles. I have to say, out of this experience I am blown away by the compassion that so many of my family, friends & coworkers have showed us. I am so thankful.
 Flowers that my friend, Kate brought me this afternoon, along with Starbucks.
Some of my favorite pictures of my sweet baby girl:
So precious.
Her Snuggie.

Sleeping with her dad & sister, while Mom went to work.
Her British look.
Us. : )
Thank you so much for your support of us on this short, tough & unexpected journey of losing Coco. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts & prayers. I am reassured that my baby is no longer in pain & I hope to see her again one day in Heaven. : )

2 thoughts on “Our Sweet Little Coco

  1. Audra, I am SO sorry to read this! 😦 I read your previous post and I thought that she would be on her road to recovery. I was so sad to see her hurting though. I even showed my husband and had him read the story. We both felt so bad about what happened to her. We have 2 doggies of our own that are just like our children as well, so we completely empathize with how you feel and what you are probably experiencing in your grief.
    Before I had my dogs I do now, I lost my very 1st doggie (puppy, actually) suddenly and it truly was devastating to me. I am so sorry you had to make such a tough decision, but I am glad to hear that you know she is in a better place, without suffering.
    Keep the Faith in knowing that everything happens for a reason and good will come out of this. XOXO


  2. Thanks for your kind words Desi. Coco is the first dog that I've lost & you're right – it is so devestating. I can't believe how upset my husband & I are, it's like a hole in our hearts & lives. I'm sorry about the puppy that you lost too. Our dogs become our kids and it's truly comforting to hear from other dog lovers. Thanks again for taking the time to reach out.

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