Coco Baby

Our family has some sad news to report this weekend. While Cory & I were in Kansas City this past week, Natty & Coco snuck out of our backyard through an undetected hole in the neighbor’s new fence.
Our neighbor saw the dogs running around the neighborhood & called Cory’s QT store. Cory’s manager called us & we called my mom, who called my step-dad, who was able to go look for them. He found Natty sitting on our front porch, but couldn’t find Coco.
Right around that time I got a call from a nice girl named Lora, who lives just a couple of streets down from our house, across Maize Road. She found Coco on her porch but when she tried to pick her up Coco ran under their car. They were on their way out and when they got in the car Coco jumped in & wouldn’t get out.
My mom was able to go pick her up, but Coco wouldn’t even come to her. She was snapping at everyone who touched her & shaking uncontrollably. Her lip was detached from her mouth & she was bleeding. My mom managed to get her into her car & take her to the vet.
At 5 p.m. Miss Coco went into surgery. She had tubes placed into 6 lacerations from where the vet believes a dog bit down on her & shook her, based on the way the skin was pulled away from the muscle. The tubes are there to make sure that her wounds drain properly and don’t get infected. She got stiches in mutiple places, including her mouth.
She made it out of surgery after 3.5 hours and stayed the night at the vet. My mom picked her up in the morning, brought her back home & waited there with her until we made it back home.
Here she is after her surgery, with her tubes in.
We were given two different kinds of medicine to give her a total of four times a day.

I spent the whole afternoon & evening by her side as she was crying & moaning from the pain.
She mostly laid in her bed.
I could tell she wanted to be cuddled up in my bed but when I tried to move her she screamed out in pain. She willingly went out to go potty around 8 p.m., but I couldn’t get her to eat any food.
Natty was being very gentle with her & giving her space. It’s amazing how dogs know when something is wrong.
Natty even shared her new bed. She’s such a sweet big sister.
When we woke up this morning to give Coco her medicine, she was hanging off the side of her bed in an uncomfortable looking position. Cory moved her back to cuddle up inside her bed, like she normally likes to lay & then he went to the grocery store while I stayed by her on the floor. About 5 minutes before he got back she started convulsing.
He called the Emergency Vet & they instructed us to bring her in. I really didn’t know if she was going to make it – & still don’t. When we got there she stopped breathing on her own & we were asked if they would like us to perform CPR. We declined & they put her on a breathing machine.
They think that Coco developed an infection from her surgery, which is understandable. She had a big surgery & is such a little dog. After talking with the vet for about an hour, we decided to leave her hooked up to meds for 24 hours & revisit the situation.
There’s no telling if Coco will make it through the night or if she will still need a breathing machine tomorrow afternoon. If things don’t look better, we’ve made the decision to put our sweet little baby down because we don’t want to her to be in anymore pain.

This is Coco in better times, shortly after we got her from the Humane Society.

I’ve never had a pet pass away, but know from friend’s & family’s experience that it is extremely painful. I haven’t been able to stop crying in almost 48 hours, and as much as Cory never wanted to be the owner of a chihuahua, he has been very upset too.
As devestating as it is, I know that God has a plan for every detail of our life & that he will do what’s best for this situation & I’m comforted by that. We would appreciate prayers for strength & comfort at this time, & most of all prayers that Coco isn’t in pain.
Thanks for reading & I’ll keep you updated.

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