Aloha Paradise

We’ve been back home for almost a week now and our tans are slowly starting to fade away…but I’ll fill you in on the last portion of our trip.
Monday, January 2nd
Happy New Years! Well, it felt like the new year by Monday at least, as I was…shall we say, recovering all day on Sunday. PS – I have found that the beach is truly the best place to wait out your hangover…wish I could use this tactic more often.
So to take advantage of this beautiful day, Cory took me on a hike. He had been on this hike with one of his twin aunts, Jean I believe, when he was younger. The views were amazing – we even saw whales! How lucky 2012 has been so far for us, with all of the random whale sightings? We had seen whales from Beth’s condo earlier that morning, making our total of whales sightings rack up to 3!
Our location.
At the top!
Then we grabbed a “healthy lunch” – really, they have a healthy section of their menu – at L&L, a local fav.
We ended the day with a truly lovely dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Oahu. It’s called Hau Tree & it’s located in Waikiki. This is the restaurant that you envision when you think of Hawaii dining. It’s right on the ocean, open air – beautiful.
The view from our table.
After dinner with Cory’s aunt & grandma.
Tuesday, January 3rd
Ever since I first stepped foot in Hawaii in 2009 I have wanted to eat at one of these places that has rotating sushi. Well…I am happy to report that I finally got to try it & was NOT dissappointed. It was AWESOME!
Our experience at Genki Sushi:
The bar you sit at & grab up your lunch!
Big, delicious California rolls.
All of the plates we ate.

Our total bill ended up being around $25 w/tip. No too shabby.
In the afternoon we visited the North Shore. It’s one of my favorite parts of the island. Lots of celebrities own or rent homes there – so it’s safe to say that it’s a popular place. This is where all of the surfers go because the waves are outrageously big! Here’s what we experienced that day.
This is not a joke. Really.
My preferred view of the day.
Wednesday, January 4th
We had a really low-key day. Day off from pics!
Thursday, January 5th
We had to take one more run at Ala Moana before we left.

Then we spent the rest of the day lying on the beach at The Outrigger. Shirley is a member there & was able to get us a week guest pass. If you have seen The Descendants w/George Clooney, some of the movie was filmed at this country club. Therefore, I made sure to position myself in the exact (as far as I could tell) spot that George was at the beach. : ) I’m kind of a big deal now.
After the beach & drinks at The Outrigger, Cory took me to a historic local drive-in for dinner called Rainbow Drive In. This place was so authentic Hawaiian. The served spaghetti & weiner. For real. I tried to order it but they were out. So…we went with another Hawiann classic that was suggested to us by our friend, Kendra. She warned us that it was heavy…
The Loco Moco.
Friday, January 6th – Last Day : (
We went shopping. : ) I walked in to my first lululemon store!
And made my first “investment!”
Every girl knows this man’s name. : )
Then I spent some time relazing on the beach while Cory got his tattoo re-inked.
And we spent our last evening having pupus & drinks at Cory’s grandparent’s with family. It was the perfect way to end our vacation.
Grandpa Tom w/an injured foot/leg.
 Great Aunt Marilyn & Grandma Kristi – some awesome ladies.
We had the best time in Hawaii & were sad to go. I would say this sums up what we got on our vaca to a T:
Until next time Hawaii!!!

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