Island Life

We have definitely been enjoying our vacation. Here is past Thursday-Saturday in photos:
A late morning run in Ala Moana Park. Running is so much easier here than in Kansas (especially in December) – look at these views!
Followed by a day at the beach.
And a University of Hawaii basketball game with his grandparents. His grandpa is still a professor there & his grandma is alum (which is how they met).
We’re rocking our new U of H gear.
Cory surprised me with Stand Up Paddleboard lessons because he knew that it was something I really wanted to do this time around. They were such a blast!!! Not to mention a great workout – I could barely walk that night/the next day. Our instructor’s name was Marcus & he was awesome. He thought we were doing so well (in the top 10-15% he said)for our first time that he took us out to ride waves! I didn’t really make it out far enough, but Cory did really well. Cory & Marcus:
Once again – we vegged at the beach. Here is the beachpath:
And had dinner at this spot in Chinatown called “Little Village.” It was like Siagon in Wichita – delicious.
On NYE Day we went for another run in Ala Moana.

Then we went to a country club called The Outrigger, where Shirley got us a week pass. We spent the day on the beach & then went down to the bar for a couple O’Henrys – the signature drink.
Life here is good! More to come!


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