All Hallows Eve – Past

I have always loved Halloween. But then again, I LOVE all holidays.

My best memories of Halloween are from my childhood: magically transforming into the character I was dressing up as (a few favorites: Pippy Long Stocking – 3rd gradeish & Sarah Jessica Parker’s witch character in Hocus Pocus – 5th gradeish), bobbing for apples, trick or treating around our neighborhood w/my friends & rushing home to check out all of the goodies I got…

So in honor of Halloween I’ve decided to post Cory & I’s costumes over the years:

2011 – Forrest Gump & Jenny
2010 – Scott Dissick & Kourtney Kardashian (with Mason, of course)
2009 – Roman Warriors
2008 – Ice Road Trucker & Eskimo
2007 – Ricky Bobby & Mrs. Bobby
2007 – Dog & Beth
It’s fun to see how we have & haven’t changed over the years!
Looking back, we’ve gone to or hosted a Halloween party every year before this year. We decided to change it up & went to the 10th Annual Boo & Brew Bash, which is a fundraiser for a non-profit orgranization called Dress for Success, and then we met friends downtown for a birthday party. I have to say, it was one of the best Halloween celebrations ever. I loved being out & about, seeing all of the cool costumes. Definitely a must-do again. : ) I hope that your celebrations were wonderful as well!
Happy Halloween!

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