Days Like This

Do you ever have days that just go so well, for no specific reason? Days that you just can’t stop smiling? Today was one of those days. To recap:

1. I woke up in the 6 o’clock hour completely refreshed & ready to tackle the day.
2. At work, several projects I have been I’ve been working on became clearer to me than before & I was able to be so productive.
3. For the first time I took a Turbo Kick class over the lunch hour. It had been a favorite class of mine in the past, but this class was extra awesome because of the energy in the room. This class was full of “career girls.” We’re in, we’re sweating, we’re out – no time wasted.
4. Back at work, throughout my meetings & phone calls, there was such a strong sense of team work. Love it when it works that way.
5. On my drive to meet a vendor/client for coffee I had the windows down & was able to fully enjoy a gorgeous fall day. The reds, oranges & yellows of the trees, a clear sky & crisp air. Ahhh…
6. Connecting w/that colleague over coffee. We hadn’t caught up in about a month & it was so refreshing to hear that while we are in very different places of our lives, a lot of things are the same.
7. Coming home to my happy husband & puppies. A simple thing that is easy to take for granted, but is so important & essential to my entire being. I feel so blessed.
8. Pulling up to my sister’s apartment & having my nephew (who saw us through the window) run up to me, jump in my arms & give me a big hug & a kiss. This 30 seconds literally made my day.
9. Catching up w/my pretty sister (whose baby belly is pictured below) & calling my step-dad to wish him a happy 52nd birthday – the whole car singing “Happy Birthday.”
10. Deep discussion with our small group about the book we’re currently studying, “Velvet Elvis.” We are all from different backgrounds & at different places in our lives & that is such a blessing. We have so much to learn from each other.

All of these things are small things, but they are what matter the most. It’s so easy to take these things for granted, but it’s so beautiful when we take time to appreciate them instead.


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